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:wave: Watch this space for important dates!

Welcome to The Classroom!!

Please read these rules
If you find our Group interesting and want to be part of this awesome project, there are two ways of joining: as a Teacher or as a Student. Please be sure to read the Student/Teacher Handbooks carefully.

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Art is love, life, laughter, sorrow, is everything, nothing, anything, ONE is.
~Gothique-Blackthorne, Headmistress
Oh gods guys I just realized that I haven't given you an assignment in over a month!
I will be going on a mini vacation starting next Wednesday, and will be back either Friday or Saturday, so, the first part of this assignment will be due Sunday the 21st. You can feel free to move ahead at any point, but make sure you are following all of the steps ^_^

Part one, due 12/21/14
I will be adding a list of tutorials here, and I'd like you to link me your favorite reference tutorials, as well as compiling a tutorial set yourself
Make a specific favorite collection for tutorials and reference
Find anything you think will be good reference. Make sure this includes real photos AND artwork from artists you admire.
Really take in these pieces. For the tutorials, make sure you read every word, and try to find practical uses for it. For the artwork, try to look past the picture and use some of the things you've learned in the tutorials to see the techniques they used. Look at the colors, the hard lines and soft lines and where exactly they're placed.

Take one piece you like particularly like, and post a journal feature on the classroom with the thumbnail. (I will approve it after I've read it) I want you to explain;
- What makes you like this piece, what are the feelings it invokes?
- What are some techniques in the piece that make it so enjoyable? (what types of composition are present? did they use specific colors/objects to draw your attention? what does the artist make you see first?)
- What are the main colors? (try to pick only 2 or 3, this is more important than you think)
- What would you do to correct this image? (Nobody's perfect, even our idols, find one thing you think could have been done better)
- What have you learned from this image? (Every time you examine an image, you should be trying to learn something from the piece. Maybe it's as simple as "the far eye has an appearance of tilting upward" or as complicated as learning exactly why a certain composition technique actually works, I want you to find at least one thing to learn from this piece.)

After you've written your "essay" I want you to look at the other journals and read some of what they said about the pieces they chose as well. Try to discuss with your classmates, it's much easier to learn if you're doing it in a group :3

Part 2, due date Undecided

After you feel you've absorbed as much as you can from these tutorials, pieces, and journals, I want you to draw a piece.
I don't want you to just draw it, though, I want you to become engrossed in it.
Make sure to jump out of your comfort zone, if you're doing traditional drawing, remember you have an eraser, and you can always trace/work on what you do have onto a new sheet of paper (it's actually encouraged by many pen and paper artists) If you're digital, well, you have layers, and it's absolutely okay to use them, but try to work on just one or two for a little bit and be reckless. Remember what you've learned and try to keep to good anatomy, but let yourself loose. You never know if a technique works for you if you don't try it.

Here's the start to the list, I'll add yours as you post them!

01 Here's the Thing About 1 Pt Perspective by betsyillustration Tutorial by OmegaLioness Hand tutorial by shingworks Expression tutorial by shingworks Foot tutorial by shingworks tutorial by cocoaspen:: Semi-realistic Eye Tutorial :: by Sangrde Simplify human body study 43CW by JustIRaziel The Right Scale  CW52 by JustIRaziel Tutorial: Feet and Shoes by Tyshea another shitty colouring tutorial by viria13 Tutorial: Painting Skin in PS by ToySkunk Tutorial 15 Adjustment layers brought to light by AquaSixio adding detail to skin - PS by ceruleanvii Everything Concerning Noses by Mytherea Fur Painting Tutorial by Novawuff Drawing the Tazzy Way - TUT02 by tazsaints Notes on Gesture and Photo Ref by Fyuvix Tutorial 12 ImagInAction by AquaSixio

I know most of you haven't made it to many of the classes, and that's okay, you can still feel free to do all of the assignments <3

-Headmaster Archer

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Stream's down! Here you go

- Archer

:iconsuperfloree: :iconsaintlycrow: :iconfeatherfromhel: :iconmillenar: :iconnharlie: :iconfrostyfennec: :iconxblack-nekox: :iconcitroengeel: :iconwaterycolors: :iconsireynia: :iconavishy: :iconprincess-eevee9: :iconchickid11: :iconluffin: :iconmyinsanityyourmadnes: :iconburlew: :icont-rissy:
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Oh man this looks like a place where I could learn a lot. Missed the enrollment date haven't I?

Oh nevermind just noticed the open status.

Medium you'd like to learn: Digital Art and Traditional Drawing
What you'd like to focus on: Linearting, Sketching tips, Lighting/Shading, Digital Painting, Anatomy(Human and Animal), and how to draw different styles of art.(chibi, manga, cartoon)
Timezone: Eastern Standard(EST USA&Canada GMT 04:00)
Availability: 07:00AM EST-12:00AM)
Available communications: Gmail and Skype
Anything else you think is important: Any tips that'd save a beginner a lot of headaches and drawing exercises that might be helpful.
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L0cK3t-f0x Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Note Me When Next Semester Is!
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FrostyFennec Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
Yo - I'm up for a class. :D 
:la: I gotta know when the next semester is~ 
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Burlew Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is there still going to be a semester this fall? :eager: I've been really looking forward to it. :happybounce:
EvilWereWolf Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013
This is an amazing and extremely helpful idea! When is the next semester starting though?
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